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Extractor for PO & PR Approvers and Roles

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Hello everyone,

I`m looking for a way to extract from BW approvers of Purchase Order (PO) and related to it Purchase Requisition (RQ) on Item Level.

In my case there are three different levels of PO approval and two levels for the RQ.

I searched, but I cant find a way to that in standard way with some extractor from BI Ciontent.

Is there such extractor or that had to be done with custom once?

If custom extractor had to be created, i suppose that it had to be created over FM. If that's the only way can anyone point me some sample code for such FM or share some advices - tables, structures etc. that had to included in it.

Tanks in advance.

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Hi Boyan,

Please have a look to for creating a generic DataSource based on a Function Module.

Function Group RSAX contains various sample Function Modules and Function Module RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE is the one to copy.

For the tables and the logic you will have to do a deep-dive into the system.

Best regards,


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Hi Sander,

I came to the same conclusion.

Rather, my question was whether anyone can share some code as sample or advice me in which tables I should seek the data for PO & PR release strage approval levels. Or maybe some sample ABAP script searching in CDPOS and CDHEAD tables.