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Extractor based on infoset query

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Dear All,

I have create an infoset query based on a program and a structure.

Program works !

Infoset query works !

I have create an extractor based on this infoset query.

It's work !

Issue : all fields of my structure can be used for selection in infopackage or during test extraction.

But the filter is done after the program execution.

The program is executed without any filter, and the filter is apply to the data group selected by the program.

In term of performance it's really bad, how can I use selection criteria as filter directly in the program.

Many Thanks for your experience on this subject

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check ?

...Size Limits When Performing Extraction with SAP Query InfoSets

When extracting using an InfoSet, <i>the system firstly collects all data in the main memory</i>. Afterwards, this data is transferred to the BW system via the Service API interface. The size of the main memory is important with this type of extraction. <b>It is suited to limited data volumes</b>.


hope this helps.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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You can check the table join conditions used to create the infoset. By selecting appropriate keys for table joining, data record volume gets reduced. It helps in reducing data extraction time.



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i am not sure but in my opinion it is not possible to load data in an InfoSet, it is just a metadata-object with no real data´s.

Hope this helps