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can any body tell me how can i extract the data directly from R/3 to Flat file.

thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi shaik shah,

In extraction part we are using u want extract the data from R/3 to bw.u will login logon pad to r/3 the it will open th e one wizard then T.code :sbiw -

then genral settings -application specific datasources-select logistics -then -Managing Extract structure -logistics maintanence extract structure in Lo cockpit screen -go to that select what are functional areas like (sd,mm,pp,srm,crm,copa,fico,fisl) select one area(sd) then main tain the data sources , then activate the extract come to T code.rsa6 then select to edit data sources and then tranport it .it will display in truck sysmbol in tool bar.

then chek it out in T.code.RSA3.extract strucrture.(check data records it will come r not )

come to bw side login to bw T.code.RSA1(AWB) then source system and select sap components choose what our functional area and select our data source and then rclick the mouse ---replicate the data source then assign the infosource then schedule the data from flat file to particular data target like (cube,ods)

these are all navigation steps i mentioned.

i hope this very help to u

if needful assign the points

thanks in advance

Suresh Goud B

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Shaik,

If it is for a R/3 table then goto se16 -> execute the selection option. Now choose the menu options (one of them) -> you would have download option.

For a datasource goto RSA3 -> execute -> download.



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Hello shaik,

Well what do you want to extract ?

- data from an R3 table ?

- data from a datasource ?

SE16 your table -> Execute ->

Table Entry -> List -> Export -> Spreedsheet.

or specific program using module function: GUI_DOWNLOAD.

Hope this helps.