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Extraction using user exit

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we did some enhancement for datasource 2lis_03_bf. When we are extracting data it is taking very long time. Its been 4 hours and it didnt extract a single record whereas the extraction checker is showing records.

How to improve the speed of extraction for the datasource???

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Answers (2)

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Hi Jayanth,

theres a quite a few things which u can check. Are you sure that the extraction itself is taking more time cos u told that the RSA3 gets the records.. so if RSA3 gets records, how much time it takes? it is after all your user exit code, it fetches data and shows. So basically check the source system job, how long it runs whe u extract data. If it runs for long, then u need to worry abt the SS. Otherwise there is either problem in transfering the records or while processing the datapacket. Post for more


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Hi Jayanth,

Maybe it depends by the ABAP code you introduced. Try to use a loop, to modify all records in Package one time. Hereunder an example code for BF with loop:

CASE i_datasource.

WHEN '2LIS_03_BF'.

LOOP AT c_t_data INTO l_biw_mc03bf0.

l_tabix = sy-tabix.

SELECT SINGLE bsart reswk INTO (v_zzbsart, v_zzreswk) FROM ekko WHERE ebeln = l_biw_mc03bf0-ebeln.

IF sy-subrc = 0.

l_biw_mc03bf0-zzbsart = v_zzbsart.

l_biw_mc03bf0-zzreswk = v_zzreswk.


MODIFY c_t_data FROM l_biw_mc03bf0 INDEX l_tabix.





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Hi Riccardo,

Thank you very much. It was a very helpful ans. I will check it out and will let you know.


Jay Y

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See the below link