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Extraction KNVV data from ERP via iDOC

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Hi All,

I want to (mass) extract customer names+data (KNA1) from 4.6 ERP that later has to be loaded into MDM

(to be processed further with MDM/Java applications we develop at SAP).

Also the "favourite" currency of the extracted KNA1 items are to be extracted.

I have to do it automatically. BAPI-based "online" solution is inacceptable for the customer.

The extraction should be done via XI + iDOC.

The extraction step and the necessary iDOC is not clear for me.

#Is the iDOC DEBMDM06 or DEBMAS06 a good choice?

I don't see what is a segment of an iDOC for (E1KNVVM).

I tried to extract items from KNA1 with tr. MDM_CLNT_EXTR with extractor CUSTOMER_EXTRACT.

Unfortunately the KNVV view related fields were not in the iDOC sent to the XI.

/I don't really wonder since the sales area information were also necessary when

specifying the customer to get KNVV-related fields - also the sales currency of the partner/.

#Is there an extractor - either for MDM_CLNT_EXTR of for other ERP extraction client program -

where the Sales area is also a parameter?

I have rather Java-based experiences without practical iDOC/XI knowledge.

I've used SAP note 1035601 as a use case for PDF. Unfortunately I don't see how to make

the next step towards extracting from KNVV.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am not sure whether I understood your question correctly or not, But FYI,

In my project we faced some issue while using standard MDM client extraction, So we used SQVI transaction in R/3 and extracted the data which we required and uploaded to MDM.

If your requirement is onetime data load So give try using SQVI and try to extract your required data. Let me know if it helps.



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Thank you for the answering.

I've taken a look at tr. SQVI.

If I understand right, it doesn't have an iDOC output feature -- so I'm still interested for an

iDOC based solution, eventuell with experiences from the MDM Business Content utilities.

Thanksy again!

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Hi Balazs,

If you are using customer_extract, the segment E1KNVVM, should be by default selected.

In the transaction, MDM_CLNT_EXTR, after filling all the required details, select the field groups.

You will see the segment E1KNVVM.By default it should be selected. If it is not in your case, just select it.

Hope it helps.



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