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Extraction from BW to an ECC table with Open Hub Destination (OHD) using third party tool option.

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Hello Experts,

Scenario :-

> I want to extract data from BW to an ECC table, to achieve this I've created OHD with third party tool option.

> In OHD I've given the RFC of ECC <> BW which is used for BW loads.

OHD was created & activated successfully without any error.

> OHD source is DSO & Target is third party tool (ECC RFC), OHD DTP load was also successful without any issue.

Questions :-

1) Is my approach correct ? (I know there are other methods also to achieve the same)

2) Once the OHD DTP load was successful, where & how can I see the data in ECC if it was loaded successfully ?

3) Let me know if there is any prerequisites which I need to worry about ?

4) Am I using the correct RFC (which is being used for ECC to BW loads) or we need a separate RFC for this?

5) Why for OHD the default option of DTP "Overall Status of Request" is set to Manually ?

Generally It is set to Automatically!

5) Kindly provide link OR step by step document to achieve this.

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Answers (1)

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Did this work on your end? Will be testing this as well for our system but I am still on the research phase. I am looking for blog where Third Party tool is set for the OH but did not utilize a Data Service.