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Extracting data from Cluster tables STXH & STXL

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Hi All.

I have got a requirement where we are getting rid of our SAP system & moving to another system, but will be keeping our the SQL database. SQL queries will be used to retrive any historical data initally maintained on SAP.

The SAP scenario we use is around Service Tickets.

The requirement I have is based around the Notes held against a Service Tickets & would like to know if there is any way of extracting the notes (Field: CUSTD, Table: STXL & STXH) so that we can view at a later stage via a SQL query. At the moment we use the READ_TEXT function but once SAP has been de-commissioned we will lose this function.

Has anyone come across a scenario like this earlier on & if so can you advice me what were the steps that were taken bearing in mind that the solution provided needs to work once we have got rid of the SAP system.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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From an ABAP developers point of view: READ_TEXT internally uses the ABAP statement IMPORT ... FROM DATABASE ..., which somehow decompresses the data stored in STXL. I have no idea if it is at all possible to convert this data into readable format without using the IMPORT statement. I'm also not sure how simple or complex this compression/decompression logic is that is used by the EXPORT and IMPORT statements.

Maybe the DB / SQL buffs know how to do it.


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