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Extract structure

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I get this mssg when i generate extract structure.

Be aware of Note number 597909 when setting line item DataSources

Message no. GQPI 063


You have successfully generated an extraction structure for the FI-SL line item table ZGLT1A.

Before implementing a DataSource that accesses the line items for table ZGLT1A, you need to create an additional, secondary index for this table in the data dictionary. This index can significantly speed up data access.


Create a (non-unique) index for table ZGLT1A in the DDIC that includes the following fields:





You can find additional details about this in SAP Note number 597909.

I looked into the NOTE it says the same as the mssg can someone please explain what this means and what should i be doing.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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well you should do what described. The line item tables of FI normally contains lots of million records and in order to have a acceptable performance while extracting the data you need to create this index. So goto transaction se11 for the table zglt1a and create this index if it doesn't already exist.



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Hi Siggi,

I have never created indexes can youplease tell me what to do here is what i get.

when i go to Se11 and display table Zglt1a in R/3.

and click on indexes (thast next to technical settings)

window pops with name, unique, short description and status.

there are 4 and all are active.

1. ledger, company code, fiscal year, account, period. Active

2. Index with document number. Active. (This one alone is checked)

3. Index with reference. Active.

4. Account/ cost center. Active.


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The reason for the index is cause the extractor uses the fields mentioned for extraction of any FI-SL datasource the date/time field is additionally used for delta extraction.

to create an index.

Go to SE11.

Enter the table name and click on display.

Click on the indexes button. (You got this far).

Click the Create button on the screen (second from left or hit F5).

In the Index ID field enter an alphanumeric id starting with Z for customer namespace ( you can still create an id outside the Z namespace, the system will warn you though).

Give the Index a short description.

Enter the field names in the table in the order specified in the message.

Click on the activate button (Ctrl+F3) from the application toolbar at the top.

Assign it to a transport request when prompted.

You are good to go!!!

Hope that helps!


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Ok, after this first popup (with the list of already available indexes), choose create and give a name (Z01).

Then, in the next screen, give a short description, let non-unique radiobutton, add the fields and activate !

That's all!

Hope it helps!



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Under Non-Unique Index i see the following radio buttons

index on all database systems

for selected database systems

and no data base system.

which should i pick among the 3??

Thankyou guys.

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i picked index on all data base system in the 3 options available

after the transport request a window poped up

Index must be created on a database

processing type

1. ONline


3. enter for mass processing(TBATG)

i picked online i hope i pickde the right one.


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Background! to be safe.


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Hmm i picked online but everything looks ok so far.

i could activate it sucessfully.

Hey can u please look at the new post i just



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