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Extract process chains data from SAP BW ?

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Hello people ! 

I'm a new to SAP BI.

I would like to monitor the process chains with their Start data and time and their end date and time.

Here my questions :

1-  How and where do I get these information ?

2 - Is it possible to extract it "Automatically" into a CSV file ?

3 - Is there any chance to "Vizualize this data directly with Microsoft Power BI ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try tcode ST13 then BW-TOOLS

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi connection,

St13 is there but you can not consume it directly into power bi.

what you can do is ,create program by applying below logic and as result store it into excel/CSV file ->place it into desire location -> take it as a source for power BI.

V_RSPCPROCESSLOG.VARIANTE = RSBKDTP.DTP get target(InfoProvider) name from RSBKDTP Get end time- ENDTIMESTAMP (Convert it from UTC to EST) from V_RSPCPROCESSLOG.

Best regards,

Sagarkumar Darji

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check tables such as RSPCLOGCHAIN, rspcprocesslog for the data. also check the technical content 0TCT_DS21 if you have statistics turned on.

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Are you not able to find process chain monitoring in SAP BW on scn already?

I tried google and first hit was step by step monitoring document. There are many documents present on scn. Please go through those first and let us know if you face any issues.

Regarding your other 2 questions:

2 - Is it possible to extract it "Automatically" into a CSV file ? - This info is normally stored in tables like RSPCPROCESSLOG. So check out these tables and a simple program can be created to download this data in a csv on a scheduled basis. There is no automatic way to download monitoring log into a csv.

3 - Is there any chance to "Vizualize this data directly with Microsoft Power BI ? - you need to integrate microsoft power bi with SAP BW system and setup dataflow into MS BI i guess. I would suggest go with SAP BW and check out BW-TOOLS in transaction code ST13 or check out RZ20 for monitoring.

There are many documents on scn explaining exactly what you need to do for efficient monitoring of process chains in SAP BW. Please check out on google.



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Go to RSPCM transaction.  Add all process chains that you need to monitor.

Check , time monitoring check box for process chain for which you need start and end time.

Or press Shift+F1 to check time monitoring for all process chains present in transaction.

        Click on Runtime for individual process chain and press display processes button to get details of start and end time.