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Extract personIdExternal from EC and use result for query for request-reply

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I have a requirement where I need to extract all personIdExternal. I have done this by calling SF using SF adapter and used perPerson entity and selecting only personIdExternal. After this, I need to use the list of personIdExternal to query LMS SF. How can I use the personIdExternal that were extracted on first step into the query for my 2nd channel? I think I saw one post here that says to split them then use the split payload, then merge them again.


Edit: I found the link:

Can this work in my requirement? Also, how can I use the poid that I added thru content modifier in my channel?

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Hello Raye,

You can do it in multiple ways based on your requirement.

1) Follow the post which you have mentioned if incoming data is JSON .

2) You can use Content Enricher if output of LMS call is XML which is more simpler.You can provide the key element from Source message as personIdExternal and target as userId ( not sure about the exact field which matches to personIdExternal from LMS perspective) .


Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat

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Hi Sriprasad,

If I use option 2. How can I use personIdExternal from my payload in request-reply.

Would it be like this:

Sender -> SF (get all personIdExternal) -> content Enricher -> LMS.

If so, what would my query look like in the channel between content enricher and LMS?

should I use {body.personIdExternal}?