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external stand-alone java client connection to SAP PI server

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Hi all,

I am trying to write a small program that connects to the PI server every hour and downloads the hourly volume header data but I cant figure out the API to connect to the PI server.

This program is a stand alone client java program that will run on my local computer. It's like developing a simple program using JCo API to connect to ECC system. Is there any similar API to connect to PI servers?

All I need is to connect to the PI server, read the header data using monitoring API and download it onto my local system for my  custom reports.

Can anyone help me with the classes with which I can connect to the PI server using my Java program?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi All,

Thank you for your help. Learnt a lot about PI WebServices.

However, there is one servlet in PI, that can be accessed from external clients too, which processes the requests for RWB Message Monitoring specifically for Database (overview) based requests.

The blog

explains it perfectly.

Thanks all for your help again

cheers, PK