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Extending WPC 2.0 Approval

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     We are currently working on a content management project, and we would like to know if it is possible to extend the approval settings to areas aswell?

     We Have a Global Admin > Area Admin > Editor role scenario. We gave editor Full control permissions so he can publish pages for approval.

      Editors with Full control can delete and unpublish pages and areas. we would like to extend the approval workflow to this actions and not just the publish.


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Please elaborate - "we would like to extend the approval workflow to this actions and not just the publish." You would like the approver to be able to delete and unpublish pages?


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Hello Alexandra


     As we have our Editors with full control permissions, they can delete/remove pages and areas. We would like to force this actions to be approved.

     Imagine if one Editor wants to unpublish one area. We would like to force an approval from the Site Admin for this action. In this way we can keep editors with full control permission level but control their actions by forcing an approval from a superior.

     The approval settings are only valid for publishing of pages, basicly we want this settings to be valid for:

  • Publish/remove of pages
  • Publish/remove of areas
  • Delete of Areas/Pages

     In our scenario all the problems are caused by giving the Editor Full Control Permission Level. But we need the editor to have this kind of permissions so he can "publish/submit for publish approval" otherwise the option would be disable and the editor would only be able to create pages.

Thanks for any help on this topic

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Hi Filipe,

What you're trying to achieve cannot be done with the WPC approval flow.

You understand the situation correctly - without "full control" users can't publish content, and with it they have permissions to delete it.

An area/page cannot be deleted by a user with "full control" while the area/page is in status "waiting for approval".

The approval flow can't be extended to include other actions besides publishing content.