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Extend SAPUI5 Model and use it in manifest

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Dear All,

I would like to extend a JSONModel and use it in my manifest.json

I have declare it in the manifest.json like below (test.models.JSONModel:

"models": {
            "i18n": {
                "type": "sap.ui.model.resource.ResourceModel",
                "settings": {
                    "bundleName": "test.i18n.i18n"
            "clConfiguration": {
                "type": "test.models.JSONModel
                "dataSource": "clConfiguration",
                "preload": true
            "clDepots": {
                "type": "test.models.JSONModel
                "dataSource": "clDepots",
                "preload": true

But when I refresh my application my specific model is not called.

I have an error too : TypeError: Cannot read property 'refresh' of undefined

My specific JSONModel is just a copy of the existing JSONModel but I want to customize it for some needs.

The model seems to be loaded in the chrome tools but is never executed (I put a debugger; line in the constructor)

Could you please let me know why is not called ?

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