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Extarctor 0CO_OM_CCA_10

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the extractor 0CO_OM_CCA_10 was set as a delta load some years back and from 3 months time, somebody has set the processing as "till PSA", which means before 3 months all the delta requests are loaded to PSA + DSO

Now, from the past 3 months, requests are loaded till PSA and never updated to DSO

Now, if i need to get the data, i've deleted the Previous INIT flag and made an "INIT WITH DATA transfer" option.. the data load is successful, but the request activation in DSO has failed, pointing the 3 months OLD Requests, which loaded till PSA only

Now, what should i do, the request in DSO was not activating due to the "OLD requests of PSA which werent loaded"

I am even unable to Use "INIT WITHOUT Data transfer option ", as this option is greyed out

please suggest what needs to be done

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Can you tell what is the issue exactly you are facing,

Does all the old requests (3 Months) are still there at PSA?

If you want the 3 month old requets, you can execute DTP from DSO, automatically all the data will be updated to DSO.

If you dont want that OLD requests to DSO,

Step 1: Execute DTP,  with the  option under Execute Tab "NO Data Transfer ; Delta Status in Source: Fetched"

Step 2: Execute DTP with the Normal Settings " Parallel Extraction and Processing"

Share the screen shot of INIT without Data transfer option at PSA !!

Can you tell me why you want to go with above option, after doing INIT with Data Transfer. in point of view this option is no use. because INIT WITHOUT data Tranfer will not fetch the data, it will extract 1 record to make sure INIT is successfully.