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Expression is not defined for a variable in email notification activity

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Hi All,

I am working on NWDS SP05 PAT0001. I have an email notification activity in BPM process flow. The expression is not defined for one of the variables getting used, even though I could build and deploy. But the process went into suspended state at email notification activity step because of the reason that expression is not defined for the variable.

Is there anything that we can do in runtime to make that process work. Please someone let me know if there is any solution for this issue without making any changes in design time. Awaiting for your help.

Thanks in advance,


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If the error sometimes occurred and sometimes didn't dependent on the variable context, another option would could be to place a split before the mail and then have a timer on the other side of the split, so that even if it fails after 10 mins it could then either move on or potentially send another mail without that variable.

just a  thought


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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply. We have the possibility to resolve the issue but my concern is about already triggered requests, which are in suspended state(because of the reason expression not defined). Please let me know if you find any possibility to make the suspended processes work if we resume.



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Have you checked the "Edit Process Context" feature? If you can provide a sensible value for the missing field, then this might be what you need.

See Editing the Input Value of a Process Instance - Monitoring and Managing BPM Systems, Processes, and ...

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Hi Madhurima,

If you have any variable created in the mail notification activity and that is not having any expression then this will give you an error.

You will not get this error during designtime as expression will be executed during designtime.

If you dont want to assign any expression then assign the empty string "" to the variable to work it properly



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i don't see the possibility