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Exposing XI JMS Queue to external applications

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The XI Adapter framework provides JMS Adapter with capabiltiy to publish and subscribe JMS Messages with external queues.

But, the question is, could we expose a JMS Queue from XI so that external applications can use JMS Client to publish/subscribe into the XI JMS Queue?

XI has its own queue implementation. But, it does not seem to be JMS compliant, but SAP's own proprietary queue implementation.

Bottom line, if I want to use XI as an integration middleware, we need the capability of exposing Queues to external systems to do pub/sub.

Thanks and appreciate your comments.

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The internal XI queue is not meant for public use.

Integration to external queues should always use the adapters or proxies.

What exactly do you wish to do?



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Could I make an external application to use JMS Client to publish/subscribe messages from XI?

Are you saying that I could use Proxies in SAP XI to acheive what I wanted?


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By "External Queues", i think Bill refers to Queues provided by 3rd party vendor products for e.g. IBM Websphere MQ, Sonic MQ etc.You can use JMS adapter to send/receive message to/from the above mentioned JMS compliant 3rd party messaging system Queues.

Using Proxies you still cannot expose XI's internal queues for public access.

In our project, we have used IBM websphere MQ (server) and JMS adapter to provided by XI to send/receive messages to external systems.