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Exposing BI CMC over internet for BO Mobile

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Dear All,

I need to setup BO Mobile 4.1 SP2 and use dashboard reporting over iphone,ipad etc

We are planning to have different hardware for mobile server.

Below are the few queries I had with the BO Mobile team.

1) Planning to use HTTPS for mobile and use tomcat as reverse proxy(HTTPS enabled).

Tomcat would also be from same server. I would be following the notes 1299147. Planning to get certificates singed by CA.

a) Please let me know if any additional configurations need to be followed.

b) Command line for generating key,csr and importing certificates.(In the above note only self signed certificate information is given)

2) HTTPS for BI would be enabled (as per the above note)

3) Should the CMS (BI) server also exposed over the network with public IP address?

Because in the mobile handset configuration I need to give the IP or host name of CMS server.

Please help with relevant info.

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Tomcat can't be reverse proxy, its not a web server its an app server. Apache web server can be a reverse proxy.
Clarify your infrastructure setup first.
Then we can help with Mobile Apps access to BOE.

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Hi Denis,

Thanks for the reply.

I was bit confused about the complete setup.

If you can provide any relavent information on the below topics that would be really helpful.

1) Reverse proxy configuration for Apache, (BO Mobile & CMS if any).

2) HTTPS setup with CA Certificates for Apache,BO Mobile server (and CMS).

Planning to have dedicated server for BO Mobile (different then the BI platform Server).

Thanks & Regards,

S Kumar

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi All,

Please suggest.

Thanks & Regards,

S Kumar

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HI S kumar,

Lets take one step at a time!

First things first!

check with your network team for reverse proxy settings and firewall.

The BI server need not be exposed to internet. Proxy can be used for that.

your application server will route all request coming from your mobile device to the BI Server. So reverse proxy will work for that.

HTTPS needs to be configured on the tomcat server. Also, CA certs need to be signed.

once they are signed. Simply tell your admin to mail them to you.

Acces your mails on your ipad or iphone.

Download the certificate. It will prompt you to be installed.

These steps are mentioned in the admin guide available at


atul B