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ExportToHttpResponse and HTML40 + HTML32

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i have learned that to export report that contine images, its recomended ti use ExportToHttpResponse methode, but this methode dosnt acept HTML40 or HTML32 format.

so is there any methode to do it.


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The ExportToHttpResponse is normally used with formats like Adobe PDF, Excel, and Word. We have a web viewer called the CrystalReportViewer control that renders the report in DHTML for you. It is far superior to exporting to our HTML format.

I suggest you look at our [Developer Library|] for information on the Crystal Reports .NET SDK. You will want to check out the Tutorials and Sample Code --> ReportDocument Object Model Tutorials.

You'll also want to check out code samples located on Diamond here



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thanks a lot for your response, my probleme is that when i export with streaming its dosent show me the images.

now the export into disck its works, i wuoul like to know how, tu show this file exported into a streaming wy.