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Exporting to Excel

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Hello Experts,

I am exporting a Crystal Report to MS Excel 2003 format. My report has tabular structure, and hence excel is adding extra spaces (columns and rows) to the exported file.

We are unable to filter the data due to bad format.

Is there any way of removing these blank rows and columns? What best can be done in Crystal Reports to avoided this?

Thank you,


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Answers (3)

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When exporting to excell(data only) You must be very carefull as to the alignment of the data.

Use veritcal guide lines and place your fields on the report connecting to the guideline on either side of it.

Make sure the data is also on a horizonal guideline and each field is positioned the same. Make the section very tight with no space above or below the fields.

format all fields such that they can not grow. Don't worry if you can not see the entire field, when you export using 'data only' the data will be there and when you get to excel you can expand/format the cell to see it.

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Hi Sumit,

Excel tries to preserve the formatting of the report but has problems if there are large gaps between your objects. When you export the report the Column Width option defaults to Whole Report. Change it to a section that has the best formatting. This is what the report will use to determine the size of each of yoru cells and rows.

As a precaution, in the section I've selected, if there are any blank columns I do need in the report, I drop an empty Text object there. If there is no object the export driver will try to move the next object into a different column.

Extra rows happen when objects are of different heights or section height are too large for a objects. So I highlight all the objects in the section, right-click | Size and select Same Height. I also right-click the section margin and click Fit Section.

Make sure all your objects in a column are also the same length. If they are not they will be in merged cells in Excel. I'm guessing it's the merged cells that's not allowing you to filter in Excel.

Good luck,


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Hi Sumit,

From what your description, I assume that you are using "Microsoft Excel" exporting type.

This is an page based exporting type, which try to preserve as much as the formatting information in the Crystal Report to the exported excel spreadsheet, to make it look like what you see in the Crystal Reports.

In your situation, have you tried "Excel Data only" exporting type?

Excel Data only is the exporting type that only exports data rather than the formatting in the report.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks and Regards

Carlos Chen