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Exporting from preview hangs.

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I was given this link after my request for assistance was turned down due to unsupported version (CR XI R2 FP 6.2).

I hope I'm in the right forum. Please direct me if otherwise.

I'm wondering if someone can point me to the right direction. The situation involves exporting of a report to any format.

From a preview screen, when user clicks the export button a prompt to select a format appears. However once the format is selected the system hangs and user has no choice but to end-task the process.

This is on a Win 2003 Terminal Server (with Citrix). The test was performed via RDP session to the 2003 server, logged in as user with admin permission to the server.

I checked the SAP-BO KB but most none of the old posting did not help. What do I need to check? Is there a DLL file that I need to focus on? This happens to all reports that are shipped with our application. So far this is the only customer who has reported this issue.

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Which SDK are you using in your application? this forum is for problems in the Report Designer itself... I'll move you post once I know more details.

It is likely either a dependency is missing or you/they don't have access to write files to the destination folder.

To help you debug this CR will first attempt to write the file to the destination folder and try to delete it to verify we have read/write permissions. It usually fails on the delete of the test file name.

I'm not sure if Process Monitor from Microsoft will work in this case but if it logs all users you may be able to use it and then search the log file for Access Denied errors.

Thank you


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Thanks Don. Yes, please move me to the right forum. I believe we use RDC for reporting from our application.

Yup, we have a copy of the our client's procmon log but I couldn't find any "access denied" from the logs. What I'm curious about is what is being accessed after use select the type e.g. PDF or Excel. Idially a dialog box to specify the save location should come up but that didn't happen. It just hung.

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Moved to the Legacy SDK forum.

CRXF_*.dll's or possible some of the legacy export dll's also.

Likely the shared files that Citrix is moving/giving access to into each users Profile isn't complete.

Everything required is in this folder:

C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\3.5\bin

Can the use browse to that location?

Also, what is the destination? File, E-mail etc.? Can they try copying a file to that location to see if they have rights?

Also look for reading registry keys, you'll have to determine which ones are good though, CR tries to read various keys to see if they exist to alter the default option so even though the log shows a key does not exist doesn't mean it's required.

Do you have a copy of your software running on a local PC that isn't running through Citrix to compare the logs with each other?

You may want to post to Citrix's forum also and ask how to verify all users have access to all third party applications.

In previous versions when CR did not support Citrix or Terminal Server we simply told every one to copy all runtime to the \system32 folder but that is the ugly way of getting software to work in C and TS machines.

If you do that keep track of what is copied over so you can delete them if they cause problems.



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