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exporting dataset from crystal to excel

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Hi, We are trying to resolev an issue which failed to do when exporting dataset from crystal to excel. This used to work. The report was build on .NET Framework 1.1/Visual Studio 2003. Any help would be appreciated. thank you

Here is the code that use to export dataset from crystal to excel. Also, You can uninstall and reinstall crystal report on test server(

RelationshipDetailsReport rptComp;

rptComp = (RelationshipDetailsReport) Session["CompReport"];

// string strExportFile = DataManager.Outgoing_FileDirectory + "/CompRelAcct.xls"; //Server.MapPath(".")

string fileName = getFileName("CompRelAcct.xls");

string strExportFile = excelFileFirectory + fileName;

rptComp.ExportOptions.ExportDestinationType = ExportDestinationType.DiskFile;

rptComp.ExportOptions.ExportFormatType = ExportFormatType.Excel;

ExcelFormatOptions ObjExcelOption = new ExcelFormatOptions();

ObjExcelOption.ExcelUseConstantColumnWidth = false;

rptComp.ExportOptions.FormatOptions = ObjExcelOption;

DiskFileDestinationOptions objDiskOpt = new DiskFileDestinationOptions();

objDiskOpt.DiskFileName = strExportFile;

rptComp.ExportOptions.DestinationOptions = objDiskOpt;



string excelFile = "./ExcelArchive/" + fileName;


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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What version of CR?

What CR updates are you using?

Web or win app?


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CR for Visual Studio 2003 version which embebed with Visual Studio 2003 SP1.

No updates as far I know

It's a web application.

Note: The exporting dataset from PDF to excel has no problem.

As I indicated, It was workinbg fine until It did not work after I think when we applied a Microsoft MS09-001 security patch.

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Yup. A known issue. Well documented in the kbase:

Anyhow, download the latest SP here;

that should resolve the issue.


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Hi Ludek Uher

Thanks. This is a great help. we will study this and apply the patch. I'll update you with the results.

Thanks again for this information.

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