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Exporting BEx Queries from BW on HANA to BW4HANA??

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Has anybody recently been involved with migration from BW on HANA to BW4HANA?

I want to know how you met the challenge of migrating BEx queries to BW4HANA.

Are there any new tools available? If not what is the least complicated way to migrate.

If there is no SAP tool is anybody aware of any third-party tool.

I need this information urgently, and any information will be highly appreciated.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Queries remain unchanged when moving to BW/4HANA. So for inplace conversion, there is no change needed normally. For shell/remote approaches, you simply collect the Queries you need to the transfer scope and import them to the target system. 
If changes are required beforehand, then RS_B4HANA_RC report will tell you. But in general, Queries belong to the few TLOGOs which remain untouched.
KR Frank