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Export to Excel in WAD with static, dynamic filters and variables

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I am new to BI Web and I searched SDN for this requirement of displaying static, dynamic filters and variables along with Analysis web item in Excel sheet for Export to excel in BI 7.0.

I am having an InfoField web item with my Data Provider and List of Text elements to display as default. I put this web item with the export command of the Export to excel button in a button group.

When I am exporting the data, variables are coming in the excel sheet but not static/dynamic filters.

I tried configuring InfoField web item with specifying static/dynamic filters for the characteristic to be displayed along with variables. Still the result is the same as I am getting variables but not static/dynamic filters in excel sheet.

In export to PDF, it's as per standard settings with no web items explicitly added to export command and it is showing static/dynamic filter as well as variables. I also have a Filter Pane web item which displays there filters and variables.

I don't what's going wrong or what additionally is needed to be done to get static and dynamic filters along with variables in excel sheet.

Please help.

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Aditya,

Are the static/dynamic filters being displayed in your web template on runtime? Is there a problem only on export to Excel?

By default, the static/dynamic filters are turned on for display. I assume the following settings in your InfoField webitem:-

Under Internal Display :-

Headers Visible -> On

Only display values -> Off

Display Static Filter Values -> On

Display General Text Elements -> Off

Display Dynamic Filter Values -> On

Display Variables -> On

Only Variables with Values -> Off

Despite the above settings, if the static/dynamic filters are not exported on export to Excel, you can explicitly specify the static/dynamic filter characteristics to be displayed:-

Under Data Binding:-

List of Text Elements to Display -> Text Element Type -> choose Static Filter -> List of Characteristics for Static Filters -> choose the Characteristics on which Statics Filters have been defined in your underlying DP's query in QD

List of Text Elements to Display -> Text Element Type -> choose Dynamic Filter -> List of Characteristics for Dynamic Filters -> choose the Characteristics on which Dynamic Filters could be created on runtime.


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Hi Priya,

Thanks for your response. I solved the problem. Issue was with an embedded web template which was having the Info_Field web items.

Thanks & Regards,


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