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Export rtf Crystal Reports 10 in VB6

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I'm receiving an error when I try to export an rtf file. I keep getting that I have a missing or out-of date export DLL. When I research it on the internet the resposes say I'm missing the U2FRTF.DLL. When I scan for this DLL in the POGRAM files there is none. Can someone point me in the right direction????

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Robert,

You didn't post the exact error message, but I suspect it's something like "missing or out of date DLL." How did you deploy the CR 10 runtime files? Did you build your own deployment package adding the various runtime files manually? Or did you use the CR 10 RDC merge modules?

The RTF DLL changed to crxf_rtf.dll after CR8, so it's not surprising that you can't find the older u2frtf.dll on your client machine.

If you built your own setup package manually you may have missed some necessary dlls. A number of our export dlls have their own support file dependencies that may have been missed. You can build a setup package using the merge modules to see if it will help resolve your issue. You can download the merge modules from this link:

Download the "English ( (Updated - April 2007)" file under the "Merge Modules for Crystal Reports 10 RDC Deployments" section. There is also a deployment document linked in this section of the webpage. Be sure to download the rdc10_deployment.pdf document and try following the steps outlined for using the Visual Studios Installer.



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