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Export data memory errors

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I'm facing a different memory errors when exporting data using sap crystal reports for visual studio, invalid pointer or memory full or out of memory exceptions:

I'm using Visual Studio 2012 professional and Oracle 11G client with sap crystal reports version for visual studio on windows server 2008 server standard R2 - 6G RAM - 4 CPU and 12 G Virtual Memory. I'm facing this problem with two reports one to PDF 150 MB and the other to Excel 120 MB. the reports is data report with pictures but it fails to export with the previous exceptions. any help would be appreciated.

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Need runtime version details?


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13.0.7 64 bit

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Try SP 8, there were some memory leaks in the Image handler that may fix this.

Otherwise need a lot more info on details of the report?

What you have done to try to find the source, start removing Subreports and whole sections or limit the amount of data exporting to see if there is some magic number where it starts to generate the errors.

Close other programs down also to see if that affects when the memory error is generated.

Without details we could guess until the end of time what may be the cause, which I'm not willing to do.

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there are two concepts in the reports design:

-direct connection to database tables

-using a procedures with parameters.

the problem is in the errors is not the same every time for the same reports and the report may be generated in a day and not generated in other day according to the volume of the data.

Currently I'm deploying and testing SP8 in order to see the difference. the problem is although the generated errors is a memory shortage ,

Total Physical Memory: 8,188 MB

Available Physical Memory: 4,958 MB

Virtual Memory: Max Size: 20,474 MB

Virtual Memory: Available: 16,333 MB

Virtual Memory: In Use: 4,141 MB

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Unfortunately, in my experience inconsistent errors when it comes to a place where memory or lack there off plays a part, is pretty well to be expected. As you mention your self, the volume of data is the issue;

report may be generated in a day and not generated in other day according to the volume of the data.

So, Don's questions and suggestions still stand. The reason you want to follow Don's lead is that this may give you an idea what is consuming the memory and then perhaps adjust the report, or limit the amount of data the report needs to work with.

- Ludek

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SP8 minimized the problem but not a permanent solution.

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OK we are getting closer.

What is the exact memory error you are getting now? And how are you verifying it's a memory leak? What tool are you using to show it's a memory issue?

How are you connecting to Oracle, ODBC, OLE DB or Native and who's Client are you using?

Run DebugDiag and set it for memory leaks, then analyse it and see what it's reporting as leaking.

Also curious if you export those reports from CR Designer are you seeing the same issue? Export repeatedly and see if the issue shows up without closing the Designer or report between exports.

Those are very large files, what is the nature of the report, why are they so big?