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Explorer Accelerated 4.0 Facet Texts Not Showing Up

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We have just recently installed BWA and the accelerated version of SBOP Explorer 4.0. I've created an index off of a BW Query (snapshot). For some reason, the texts from the facets (characteristics in the query) are not showing up. Only the keys for the facets are showing up. I've tried changing the "Display As" setting in the query from "Key and Text" to just "Text" and then reindexing the snapshot...This however is not working and I am getting just the keys.

Has anyone run into this problem before?

Thank you.

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Hi Josh,

What version of BWA are you using? Is that 7.3?

Reason I'm asking is because there have been reported issues with BW7.3 and BWA 720.

I have seen cases where this was used as the workaround, perhaps you can try this:

1) Create BWA Index for Cube

2) Create Explorer Index for Cube

3) Run program RSDDTPS_CREATE_EXPLORER_INDEX – this is required to

change Explorer Index status to Green or Executable

4) Implement OSS note 1636688

5) Run program RSDDTPS_TEXT_RELOAD – above OSS 1636688 is a prerequisite

to run this program else it will give a short dump. We need to run

this program for all the infobjects where text is not displayed which includes navigational attributes.

I hope this is a very helpful answer to you.

Kind regards,


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Hi John,

Thank you so much for replying. Yes, we are currently on BW7.3 SP03/BWA 7.2 Rev. 17/Explorer 4.0 SP02 Patch 10.

We do feel that there is an issue somewhere in BW 7.3 where these texts are being extracted during the Indexing process.

We have not tried your suggestion yet, but we certainly will give this a try.

Thanks again. I will let you know if this solves our problem.


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Hi John,

Executing this program for a particular InfoObject does appear to work. We are seeing the texts in Explorer for InfoObjects that have the language dependency flag checked. So, thank you!

How often does this program need to be executed? Once, daily, monthly? Do you know if SAP has an applicable note for this (or are they at least attempting to fix this issue)? I have a message open with them now but I am having difficulty getting my point across that this appears to be a 7.3 issue and not a product limitation.

Thanks again!