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Existing solutions for controlling interfaces and connections?

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Hello everybody,

I am currently looking into adding a custom solution to our SAP systems (mainly ERP and Solution Manager) which would enable us to deactivate and reactivate different types of data connection interfaces more quickly and from a central system (i.e. the Solution Manager system).

Currently, whenever either the SAP systems or the externally connected (non-SAP) systems are updated or moved to a different server, we need to go through several manual steps in order to ensure that no data is send or received (or at least not processed) while the update or change is still being executed.

I have already tried to search for existing add-on SAP solutions with this or similar functionality, but so far could not find anything other than separate ETL solutions.

But before I start some custom development I wanted to ask if anyone out there maybe has knowledge about an already existing solution with this kind of functionality and could provide a link or some other kind of contact. No need to reinvent the wheel...



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