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Executing a sap "program" from WD

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Before I have been able to do sap queries from WD using the RSAQ_REMOTE_QUERY_CALL fm. Now I'm trying to run a program called RMCY6010 using the SUBMIT_REPORT function module, but unlike to RSAQ_REMOTE_QUERY_CALL there is not any option to choose data_to_memory in this fm. Then it is not possible to save the results to memory and map these to context variables in WD.

Anyone who knows if this still can be done from a WD application? Is there another fm to use?

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Answers (2)

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You could create a custom RFC that simply performs an ABAP SUBMIT <program> EXPORTING LIST TO MEMORY AND RETURN. Then use the function module LIST_FROM_MEMORY or similar.

Not sure if this would work in your case but worth a try.


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Hi Øyvind,

I am sorry that I am not able to answer your question. However, I am calling RSAQ_REMOTE_QUERY_CALL, which you used before, and cannot get variant set to the correct value. I keep on getting NO_VARIANT error. I have tried "*", "", and "STANDARD". In thread, , there is a similar discussion, but I prefer to use an FM to achieve it. Thanks.



Note: My question is answered. Forget about it. Thanks.

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