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Excluding detail and suppressed records from calculations in crystal xi

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Is there anyway to exclude records from calculations in crystal xi

The report design contain group level A, group level B and group level C

In Group level C - the sorting order ensures that the most recent (and in this scenario relevant record) is displayed first - this is the record which is required for the calculations. This record is then moved into Group Level C header - thus only displaying the first record in this group. However any calculations which take place take into account all the detail records in Group Level C, and as a result the calculations are incorrect.

Running Totals are not an option as also on this report - in certain scenarios Group Level C may be suppressed altogether - is there anyway to exclude suppressed records from the calculations?

It is necessary to carry out the following calculations, using only the (unsuppressed) value from Group Header Leve C: Sum, Mean, Median

Thank you in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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if i understand correctly you need to calcuate values based upon your group c

and the details of the group are in the details section

the only way you can accuratley calc this is MANUAL RUNNING TOTALS.


The reset formula is placed in a group header report header to reset the summary to zero for each unique record it groups by.


Numbervar X := 0;


The calculation is placed adjacent to the field or formula that is being calculated.

(if there are duplicate values; create a group on the field that is being calculated on. If there are not duplicate records, the detail section is used.


Numbervar X := x + ; ( or formula)


The display is the sum of what is being calculated. This is placed in a group, page or report footer. (generally placed in the group footer of the group header where the reset is placed.)


Numbervar X;


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