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Exclude top 10 in BEx query

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Hi Experts,

I need to exclude top 10 from the query result. Creating condition in the query with top 10 is easy but how to exclude the top 10 in the query output? Thanks

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Answers (2)

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Create new condition, in this u will create a variable for Top N.

Keyfigures operators Values

Eg:qty not equal to &ztopn&(variable)



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Hi Sai,

Thanks for your reply. But it doesn't work. It's pulling all data. Any other way to get this functionality? Thanks

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Hi Waseem,

Have you tried Ninand Warang procedure . Is it working or not?

If not you have use the APD concept

create a query on top of that infoprovider with out any conditions..

Create A direct update dso..

In APD use Query as source and DSO as target. In between use ABAP program sort them > delete the first 10 records>

Create a query on top of DSO will get the Excluding TOP 10.

Hope it helps..



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Hi Waseem

Here's what you can try out:

Create a query 1 with the condition to show only TOP 10 values.

Then create a query 2 and using replacement path variable restrict some characteristic (like doc no) in query 2 with the output of query 1 and exclude this variable from the query 2.

This way the top 10 values from query 1 should get excluded from the query 2 output.

Hope this helps.