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Exchangeable measures

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Hi Everydoby,

I have following data:

- 2 dimensions u2013 weeks, regions

- 5 measures u2013 orders, invoices, credits, debits, order responses

I want to create 1 crosstab where I will have weeks in rows, regions in columns and one of the measures will be the actual data to show in crosstab.

And here comes the tricky part. Instead of creating 5 different tables for each measure, I would like to create only 1 crosstab with weeks, regions and exchangeable measure. So for example I will create a new filter with all 5 measures and the crosstab will show data depending on selection in this filter.

Is something like this even possible?

Iu2019ll appreciate any ideas.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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yes its possible. you can do it easly, but you need some more dimension in your universe

this dimension will prompt the user for values 1,2,3,4,5

lets name it (P_whichMeasure)

and in your cross tab you can make the weeks in rows and the regions in columns and you measure will be like this


i hope you got the idea, its not complex but tricky.

good luck


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Hi Amr,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I got the point and I believe it'll work.

Best Regards,


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