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Exceptions for empty fields in Query Designer

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Is it possible to show exceptions for empty query fields (fields that have no value)?

Edited by: Andreas Förderer on Apr 21, 2008 4:25 PM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Andreas,

If you don't want the values to be displayed, you can hide the values after you assign exceptions to the keyfig's.

After you assign the exceptions, goto properties of keyfig and select "Calculate Single Values as..."-->"Suppress result".

Hope this helps u...



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That's not exactly what i meant.

In my Query Result there are several Fields with no result (not even 0).

For this fields i want to get an exception. I tried several settings, like value < 0 but i can't get an exception for the empty fields.

Like this:

Name Value

Paul 20


Michael 10

So Otto has no value. Can i get an Exception for that?

Best regards.

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HI Andreas,

To do that try to create a KF and in its formula assign some value to all the fields which are not having any value(may be the value blank/#). Then try to create an exception on all the KF value that falls under this value.

Plz Let me know wheter it woked or not?



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