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Exception in Message mapping for JDBC -> XI-> file

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In the above scenario, Sender JDBC adapter has processed the message but when i checked the processed XML messages, its giving an error message with details

<i>During the application mapping


was thrown: RuntimeException in Message-Mapping


how to make the source structure so that it gets correctly populated with the result set of sender JDBC adapter? Are there any constraints while making the Data type for the source structure?


Nitin Aggarwal.

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Answers (4)

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The problem is solved...

Actually, the runtime system was not able to map the result set generated by the Sender JDBC adapter to the source structure of message mapping. This was because the result set has a particular structure and its like







To map this kind of structure to the source structure, a <b>row</b> element should always be there below the root node and the structure fields should be placed as sub elements to row. One more thing the root node of the source structure should be same as the document name specified in the sender JDBC adapter config.

Anyways, Thanks to all for the valuable efforts.



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Hi nitin,

Which mode are you using for this adapter e.g. XMB2DB_XML or XMB2DB, etc...?

And Can you please post a sample of the source structure?


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I have the same problem. I treid to create various Data Types, but i get always mapping error.

I tried simple string -> string conversion and also complex type (resultset-row-string -> row-string(since i know, that outbound File Adapter must receive the complex type of ROW (and it must be called "row"!)) conversion, but it doesn't work.

If someone knows the solutions of this issue, please let me know!

Thanx, Peter

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Message Mapping BaseRuntime exception occurs in the following cases,

1. When the required Mandatory fields are not coming in the input file.

2. When required mandatory fields are NULL.

3. When executing message map with large data files.

etc etc etc..

I faced this problem with message mapping. With small data files it will work fine. But with large file it will throw baseruntime exception. Now we are using XSLT map now.



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