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Exception condition "FAILURE" raised., error key: RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE

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In my Web Dynpro Java Application, I need to execute the BAPI_PO_CREATE1 RFC Function many times. When I executed it at first I haven't errors, but in the second one and other times i have this problem:

<b>Exception condition "FAILURE" raised., error key: RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE</b>

I go to ST22 in R/3 system and i encountered this exception:

<b>Exception condition "FAILURE" raised</b>

and the exception is marked at:



im_ebelp = po_item_number


ex_item = ex_data


failure = 01.

IF sy-subrc NE 0.

<u><i>>>>> RAISE failure. <<<<</i> </u>


I check the data is entering the Bapi, and these are always equal.

Please, if you have any information about what can cause this problem i would be very grateful.

thank you very much.

<i>Nahuel Romanello.</i>

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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if data is coming in BAPI, then the cause can only be, invalid or some wrong data or inconsistent data:

check out the flow in 'MEPO_DOC_ITEM_GET' FM, take use of external debugging, and have check right from dynpro application to r3.

hope it helps


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Hi Abhijeet,

Thank you very much for your Reply.

I was trying in R/3 5.0, I try in 6.0 and no have problems.

Seemingly, the problem was caused by some hot packages not installed in the system.


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