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Excel Upload planning function error

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I am implementing the excel upload functionality using planning function. I have completed all the steps mentioned in the How to BIIP File Upload and created the planning function and a planning sequence. However when I try to access the planning sequence through the web link - http://<server>:<port>/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/zrsplf_file_upload?sap-client=100&sap-language=EN&planni...

it gives me error saying - The requested resource does not exist. I have tried various combinations with putting https:// instead of http://. I am pretty sure that the server and port is right.

Does anyone have any idea if this issue is caused by some configuration steps not outlined in the documentation?

Also the document talks about launching the excel upload functionality by choosing Web Dynpro Application -> Execute. The document says - "In order to launch the application, choose Web Dynpro Application -> Execute. This will bring up the file upload application in a web browser. The URL is displayed in the properties of the Web Dynpro application (see above)". Any idea what does this mean and how do I achieve it?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ameya,

be sure that you have completed all the necessary steps in order to prepare the fileupload (i.e. the steps described under "Import Object" as well). If this is done and the planning sequence does exist you can try executing the web dynpro.

However you have to take the ABAP port number. If you don't know how to prepare the link just try it as follows:

1. Go to transaction SE90

2. Choose Web Dynpro, double click on Web Dynpro application

3. Enter "ZRSPLF_FILE_UPLOAD" at Web-Dynpro-Application and execute (F8)

remark: if it does not exist you need to import the objects as described within the How To first

4. Double click on the "ZRSPLF_FILE_UPLOAD"

5. Click on Execute (F8)

If everything is fine your Internet Explorer should start displaying the File Upload screen with a error "Missing planning sequence as URL parameter (PLANNING_SEQUENCE)". Now you just need to add your planning sequence to the link as described within the How to. This way you can retrieve the proper link.

If there are problems perhaps you can tell as which step does not work and what is displayed.

Good luck.



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Thanks Marcel for your reply.

It helped me find the link and the exact ABAP port. However when I execute the web dynpro application, the link opens up, but not with message "Planning Sequence not found" as you mentioned but with an error message which says -

"Service cannot be reached

What has happened?

URL call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available."

And the interesting part is even the link did not come up with the planning sequence parameter. The link that shows up after execution is -

As you can see there is no paratmeter for planning sequence.

Please advise.


Ameya Kulkarni

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As per the document you have to append the parameter for the planning sequence in the link explicitly it will not come automatically.

Also if you are getting error as "Service cannot be reached" that means the inretnet service is not active for this web dynpro.

Go to transaction SICF for this and expand node default_host and serach for the service with the same name as your Web dynpro i.e. zrsplf_file_upload. Right click on that servcie and select 'Activate' from context menu and then test again.



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