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Example of using an Iinterface Component in Webdynpro with filling a Context Node

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searched the hole Internet and no answer has pleased me well.

Your are my last hope 😄

I created a Webdynpro Component Interface called "ANTRAG_INTERFACE" with one Node called "AUFK".
This node should be an "Interface-Knoten" and "Intput-Element(Ext.) (Sorry German System)

So i can fill some data in it.

Then i created a normal Webdynpro Component called "ANTRAG_KONTEN" where i Implemented the Interface

"ANTRAG_INTERFACE". The Implementation Status is green

In the Component Controller apears the new node from The Interface "AUFK".

So far so good.

Now i want to fill some Data in it.

o_node = wd_context->get_child_node( wd_this->wdctx_aufk ).

o_node->bind_table( lt_auftrag ).

And every time i do this i get this error Message

The Mapping to Node AUFK Has Not Been Completed

So what to do to complete the mapping?

Kind Regards


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