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EWR report is not getting generated for all our Production Systems.

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Dear All,

Recently we upgraded ST-PI and ST-A/PI patches in our production systems.

ie ECC,SCM,BIW .EWR reports are not coming from last 2weeks.

Pls suggest.



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Answers (2)

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More detail is required, because the EWA is a process, and there are parts of the process that can be checked for success or failure. You need to follow that process through and see what failed. You may not be able to fix it, but you should become familiar enough with the process that you can follow it.

So it starts on Solution Manager were an EWA is scheduled. The time arrives and it expects data from the managed system.

The managed system should have two tasks scheduled in SDCCN 1) Service Preparation and 2) Mainenance Package

The maintenance Package task runs the refresh definition task and the Refresh session task.

The refesh session task reads the session numbers from Solution Manager for the managed system.

If the sessions can't be opened, the task will pull no sessions, and have no errors.

If the session can be read, the session numbers of unprocessed sessions will be pulled and an EWA SDCCN task will be scheduled. The EWA task will populate the transport using data in ST06, ST03, CCMS, etc.

Then it has to send the transport to Solman via the *_BACK RFC and populate the service sesison with data.

Once that is done the icon changes to two flasks indicating that SM:EXEC SERVICES can run to process the sesison and rate it.

So this is a general overview but are the main steps in the process.

Any of these steps fail? What icon do the unprocessed EWAs have? A red flag? 1 Flask? 2 Flasks? A grey diamond?

As these can give a visual clue as to the status.

If you want help resolving this you need to provide more details.

Typicallyt updating St-A/PI and ST-PI do not cause a problem.

However it could be as simple as the task processor on the managed system is deactivated and never activated again.

This would be obvious as you would have tasks waiting to process that should otherwise, or may have the red and white ball

indicating it is hung. In this case activating the task processor will resolve.



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please check in the source systems transaction SDCCN that Maintenance Package is scheduled and check the logs of the last runs of the Maintenance Package. Please also check note 700518.



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There's not much information to go by. But did you also upgrade the PlugIns of your Solution Manager system?

Maybe you can tell us what the logs of the failed runs in your managed systems tell?