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EWM RF / Slipstream: Buttons in toolbar?

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Hello community,

I'm testing out different ways of using Personas (possibly also Slipstream) for SAP EWM RF.

Modern interface for buttons

One very useful feature would be to use the "Fiori Toolbar" (top) and "Fiori Statusbar" (bottom) for the buttons used within RF and possibly also custom buttons. Together with right config - It could be a way to get an "almost responsive" interface.

  • Toolbar: Seems to be possible moving buttons in both Slipstream and GUI for HTML?
  • Statusbar: Only seems possible to move buttons in Slipstream?

However, everything with RF is a bit special.. It's one big transaction with smaller "logical transactions" within and the buttons are dynamic, meaning we just have "Button 1,2,3,4,5 etc" and they change purpose and text according to config.


Unfortunately, I get some some errors (see images) when trying to move these buttons to both the Toolbar (top) and the Statusbar (bottom).

  1. The text get "stuck" from one screen to another (wrong text but right function). Clear is replaced by Back in example because Back is the first button in another screen...
  2. The text of buttons not "stuck" are simply not displayed when having them on the Toolbar (top). Bottom works fine with this (so far).

Currently running

  • S4HANA 2020SP2
  • Personas SP14

Any ideas on this? I know the service MOBGUI is out with 2021 but I don't have access to it. Also, as I understand it removes both toolbars....

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Hello again @kmagons !

It seems this has been fixed with SP18, right?

Description: "The semantic meaning of each button or menu item is considered when creating individual changes. Changes to buttons are interpreted based on the button meaning and applied even if the position of the button changes throughout the use of the application."

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Hi Per,

With the release of SAP Screen Personas SP18 we did some significant improvements to the EWM RFUI use-cases. However, for those features to work, a recent SAP S/4HANA OP version is needed as a dependency. Please have a look at the SAP Note 3322808 for more details.

Best regards,