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EWM RF / Slipstream: Buttons in toolbar?

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Hello community,

I'm testing out different ways of using Personas (possibly also Slipstream) for SAP EWM RF.

Modern interface for buttons

One very useful feature would be to use the "Fiori Toolbar" (top) and "Fiori Statusbar" (bottom) for the buttons used within RF and possibly also custom buttons. Together with right config - It could be a way to get an "almost responsive" interface.

  • Toolbar: Seems to be possible moving buttons in both Slipstream and GUI for HTML?
  • Statusbar: Only seems possible to move buttons in Slipstream?

However, everything with RF is a bit special.. It's one big transaction with smaller "logical transactions" within and the buttons are dynamic, meaning we just have "Button 1,2,3,4,5 etc" and they change purpose and text according to config.


Unfortunately, I get some some errors (see images) when trying to move these buttons to both the Toolbar (top) and the Statusbar (bottom).

  1. The text get "stuck" from one screen to another (wrong text but right function). Clear is replaced by Back in example because Back is the first button in another screen...
  2. The text of buttons not "stuck" are simply not displayed when having them on the Toolbar (top). Bottom works fine with this (so far).

Currently running

  • S4HANA 2020SP2
  • Personas SP14

Any ideas on this? I know the service MOBGUI is out with 2021 but I don't have access to it. Also, as I understand it removes both toolbars....

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Hi Per et al,

Sorry for the delay in our response! Releasing a new service pack is always an exciting and busy time of the year!

First, as you have already noticed, EWM RF screens are indeed "special" when compared with building Screen Personas flavors for standard classic apps rendered in SAP GUI for HTML or Slipstream Engine. For example, you already stumbled upon the challenge when buttons change their semantic behavior without changing the technical identifier used to define context for Screen Personas changes. This leads to the situation when, for instance, changes to the "Clear" button are also applied to "Back" button and vice versa.

Second, due to the specific framework requirements and use-cases, the new EWM_MOBGUI service (available starting with the SAP S/4HANA 2021 release) is the recommended approach. See the SAP Note 304863 for more details. For earlier versions, such as the 2020 release that you are running, the general recommendation for older systems is to continue using the ITSMobile service in case no Screen Personas adaptions are required.

The Screen Personas team works closely with the EWM RF colleagues to improve the integration. Please read the guide here to learn more on how to get started. If you have any feature requests (like suggestions to the toolbar options), please reach out to us by creating a ticket to SCM-EWM-RF.

Third, you can continue using Slipstream Engine or SAP GUI for HTML to render Screen Personas flavors for EWM RF transactions in case the dedicated EWM_MOBGUI service is not available to you. Keep in mind that the custom Screen Personas adaptations of EWM RF screens are considered custom development which requires thorough testing from your end. To work around the control identifier challenge outlined above, you can consider using the Scripting Engine to apply changes dynamically. For example, instead of dragging and dropping original controls between containers, try inserting custom script buttons in the flavor editor and then dynamically changing their behavior and appearance in an onAfterRefresh script based on the application state such as the text value of a specific button (mind the translations).

Finally, for standard classic apps you can customize toolbar and status bar content in both Slipstream Engine and SAP GUI for HTML.

Hope, this explains the situation!

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Tobias Adler,

Krists Magons

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Thanks kmagons for a good answer, as always.

If I summarize your reply, it seems we can not use the toolbar/status bar right now in Slipstream for RF-buttons.

I will do some more testing of RF/Personas, also with EWM_MOBGUI when we get it, and possibly create a ticket regarding this as a feature request!

There is a lot of potential here with the combination of the RF Framework and Personas. I hope you continue to develop this together with the EWM Team!

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Hello again! It seems this has been fixed with SP18, right?