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EWA Reporting

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Hello guys,

Perhaps someone can help me. We have different systems eg. P01,P02,..P05. and each system has a different manager. They all want every week for their system an EWA Report.

My question: Is this possible ( by email ) and how can i make it work?

I'm working with Solution Manager 3.2 for 4 weeks now.

Please help me..


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Hi Jansen,

Start the transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER.

If you are in the Solution Overview, choose a solution.

Choose Edit Send E-Mail Automatically. (BelowGlobalSettings)

To add an E-Mail address to send your reports automatically, choose Create E-Mail.

A dialog box appears.

Enter the required data.

This will definitly solve your problem.

Feel Free to revert back.


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Thanks for the answer, but i then have problem...i can't select one of the six different EWA's. With your solution all of my EWA's will be send to one email. What i want is one EWA sending to one email.

I can't choose which EWA i will send, i can only choose EWA's with or without graphics.