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EWA not getting generated due to long running /BDL/TASK_PROCESSOR in BW system

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Hello Experts,

This job: /BDL/TASK_PROCESSOR which is scheduled as part of SDCCN configuration, usually runs for longer duration due to which EWA reports are not generated.

When checked in SDCCN of managed system, an EWA session is selected for execution but when checked in task log could see messages like 'Enqueue category failed' multiple times and also message with SYSLOG, PFA.

All other instances later to the long running one contains log as 'Enqueue for category failed' which results into no EWA generated.

Has anyone faced/seen such kind of behavior for this task processor job? If yes, eager to know how it was resolved.


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when the bdl taskprocessor is running long, it should be checked if it is still processing (this can be done in SM50 / SM66: typically the background process is starting an RFC and the activity takes place in a dialog process processing the RFC) or whether it got stuck without stopping the job.

Typically you will find out that the job is still active. To figure out what it is doing, you can observe SM50 again, or the task log in SDCCN (on the first tab find the EWA task and open the log), or monitoring entries in BDLDTOC created for the current session.
Best Regards,


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Hi Snehal,

Ensure the step user for /BDL/TASK_PROCESSOR has the role SAP_SDCCN_ALL or 'Z' equivalent.

Also check in transaction SM12 for no existing entries that you need to remove.

Table name: /BDL/*

Client: *

Username: *


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Hi jared.singh ,

Thanks for the reply.

Previously report was generated so I suspect whether is it really an authorization issue?

Yes, whenever there is a long running /bdl/task_processor job, entried are present in sm12, PFA.

We tried removing these sm12 entries manually along with stuck WP with /bdl/task_scheduler which generated report earlier but now this way is also not working.