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Event log and Attribute log generation for Process Intelligence

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How can one generate Event Log and Case Attribute log files from ECC for Process Intelligence mapping?

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Hi Farhat,

thank you for asking the question in our community.

This depends a little on your setup und the process you want to analyze. Let's imagine you've set up an RFC onpremise connector within your ECC environment and you have already established full data connectivity. (There are also other options like manual upload of .csv files, third party ETL tools,.. but this is the most straight forward one.)

Now, we usually see most customers starting with our out of the box accelerators (see here: You can create a process data pipeline for an accelerator by navigating to Process Intelligence -> Process Data Pipelines and clicking on "Create". Select "SAP RFC", your data source and then the accelerator you'd like to use.

These accelerator already deliver extraction templates to extract data & raw data transformation SQL templates to transform extracted data from the ECC into event and attribute logs.

Hope this helps, please feel free to reach out to the community again.


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Hi Fabian, thanks for the feedbacks. I tried to follow your suggestion on accelerators and used SAP RFC for data pipelines. However, I can only see Dashboard, but no process and pipeline after installing the accelerator. The accelerator installed is: