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Event Handler onEnter in ALV

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I am working on a requirement where user will enter value in new reading column and i need to calculate difference between new reading and old reading and display value in Difference column.

I am not sure which event handler method i need to use in this case.. is there any event handler for users enter value and i write logic difference calculation?


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I activated SET_CELL_ACTION_EVENT_ENABLED method and using ON_CELL_ACTION method to achieve this.. However if I am entering new readings in multiple records and enter.. only Last record is updated with Difference...

If there any other method that I can use for my requirement.


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This is because ON_CELL_ACTION event handler is called only when round trip is triggered like you press enter key. I am not sure if there is any simple way from alv to realize your requirement.

There is a another option you might look into .

Context_change_log. See this pdf [|]