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Event for infotype 1001 updates doesn't trigger

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Hi everyone,

I'm facing the following problem at HR Workflow

I've created the object ZEHSBUS900, subtype of PDOTYPE_SH. And so, created two events: NOTIFYCREATE and NOTIFYUPDATE.

At SWEHR3 transaction, I have this two entries:

S Position 1001 Relationships A003 Belongs to INS 0 ZEHSBUS900 NOTIFYCREATION

S Position 1001 Relationships A003 Belongs to UPD 0 ZEHSBUS900 NOTIFYUPDATE

But when I create or update an infotype 1001, only the NOTIFYCREATION is triggered. I mean, the UPD operation doesn't work.

What is stange is that I've made this kind of implementation at another system and it's working fine ( a creation at 1001 triggers NOTIFYCREATION and modifications trigger NOTIFYUPDATE ).

Do you know what could be missing?

Thanks in advance,

Raphael Xavier

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Raphael,

Try to delegate the super type to the new type and then use the super type in SWEHR3.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Abdullah!

Thank you for the tip, but it still doesn't work this way. As what I've said before, what is strange is that problem occurs in one system and didn't occur in another one, and the same procedure was used in both.

What I did to "solve" this was using a function instead calling the event at SWEHR3. In this function there is a verification if it is an insert ou update operation and then a call to the function SWE_EVENT_CREATE.

It wasn't the best solution, but still was a solution.

If anyone has any idea what it can be, I'm still interested about it.