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Event finds no receiver even though object key is OK

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can’t see what goes wrong here. I have a work item waiting for an event. I trigger the event for with the matching object key, but the event finds no receiver, and nothing happens.

To elaborate,

the asynchronous ‘Document review’ task has terminating events REJECT etc. from my ABAP (business) class ZCL_PROL. On the terminating events tab:


I trigger the event using cl_swf_evt_event=>raise and from SWEL I see that the event has been created correctly, for the right object type and object key.

On the other hand, from SWEINST I see that the ‘Document review’ work item is registered for the event. Table entry

CL ABAP Class ZCL_PROL   REJECTED   WORKITEM  10000000000392    000000045550

The class ZCL_PROL and the object key 10000000000392 in SWEINST are identical to what I see in SWEL.

The method FIND_BY_LPOR must be fine, as the wf has proceeded to this point. And no issues to be seen in SWEQADM.

Now, what goes wrong? Why doesn’t my work item react to the event?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Anjan, Prakash, thanks for your lightning fast replies!

I actually found the issue myself.

I had


     im_objcateg        = cl_swf_evt_event=>MC_OBJCATEG_BC

     im_objtype         = mv_objtype

     im_event           = gc_rejected

     im_objkey          = mv_instid

     im_event_container = mr_event_container


Once I changed the object category to MC_OBJCATEG_CL, it started working. Clearly I had misunderstood the meaning of 'Business Class'. I changed back to regular CL, and it's fine.

Once again, thanks for your activity!

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Arto,

  Please let us know whether the workflow execution got stuck at that step ? What are the outcomes you can see in workflow log ? Please check in workflow template design on event REJECT  what step has been designed .



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  Can you share screenshot of entreis in  SWEINST and how you raise event