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Estimation Templates on SAP BW and SAP BO

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Can anyone provide the estimate templates on SAP BW and SAP BO.

Also, Can you suggest how the complexity of  RFP is accessed


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Hi Bala,

Estimates are totally based on your team, your way of working, executing plan. Also your project management methodology. So there will not be any standard template for same.

Also this is technical forum, so i feel we should not discuss about estimates here which is not at all related to technical things...... @Moderator: Correct if something is wrong here.

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Hi Ganesh,

First part of your answer is right, second part is wrong This question is general and shows no effort on the part of the OP to search for answers first. Searching and doing some personal research before asking questions is required by the Rules of Engagement.

On the other hand, discussions about estimation and project management for BW projects are entirely fine on this forum as long as they are detailed, interesting, and not repeating questions that have already been asked 100s of times on these forums.

This question falls into the category of "questions that have already been asked 100s of times on these forums." Therefore I am locking the thread.

Bala, please follow the SAP Community Network Rules of Engagement in the future.