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ESS - Travel management scenrio

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let me share with you the present scenario and our future need in brief on Travel Management .

We use Windows-outlook express for our day to day official communications and invariably all employees of our company use to check their outlook mail box regularly.Today the travel request is going to the ESS mail box of immediate superior( line manager) for approval . The line manager today has to open his ESS universal list in EP for approving the TR. But the line manager now wants that he needs to make an effort to open it after getting a message on his Outlook mail inbox instead of opening the mail box with doubt whether any request is pending for approval.

We need the foll. to be enabled on EP for Travel Management-

1. The moment Travel request is sent by an employee, an intimation has to flow to the outlook mail box of his immediate superior( line manager) saying a request of Mr........ is pending for approval.

2. The approver gets a link( click button option ) over the same mail message to open EP portal page and using his ESS user Id and pass word , he should be able to approve the travel request and expenses statement

Please let me know hw to proceed with this .


Nidhideep Bhandari

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The logic for this process is done in backend via workflow.

If you want to see the process in EP, you have to first configure UWL in portal. UWL is the centralized repository for all tasks, alerts and workflow work items. Assigning the alias's so as to retrieve tasks and alerts from your workflow inbox.

1. A system connection to ECC backend must exist.

2. Create UWL system :- System admin->system configuration--> universal worklist and workflow --> UWL administration --> New

3. create webflow connector (for tasks pane)

4. set the system alias as the one used used for configuring the ECC backend system.

5. set connector type as webflow connector.

6. create alert connector (for alert pane) ; you can see the connector values in drop down list.

7. set the system alias as the one used used for configuring the backend system

8. set connector type as alert connector.

9. register the system by clicking on register button.

10. You can now see the process in ESS - > your tasks , in tha tasks and alerts tab.

Hope, this answer may be of some help to you . I have mentioned only about the EP part.

Please reward points if you find this useful.

Thanks and regards,


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This scenario can be handled in the backend at the workflow level and that will be easy to implement. I have done it myself for the travel manangemeny itself.

If you require help let me know.I will explain the process ....but it will require ABAP knowledge.

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hi anil,

Please explan me the process ,I do have ABAP knowledge ,so I may understand you.