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ESS on EP -SP9 using ITS server

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I install EP SP9 & Import the ESS Business package & able to use the package , screens.

But every time i click on the links i.e Personal Information --> Personal Data ( the data get's displayed ) & if click on the link Address , it disconnects SAP login & re-connects once again, it happens for all the links on ESS package



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Answers (2)

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Hi Devendar,

What is the problem? Ur portal is getting logout or backend session. If from portal user is getting out that is some other problem if ur backend session is getting logut and connecting again, this can be controlled by domian setting u might have specified domain name for ur ITS insted u specify IP or simple host name without domian. then once u get authenticated to backend system the session will be alive for entire portal session. SAP has included this with DSM component as user session is keeping more load in the backend even though he is not dealing with backend iviews.

I think this may be relavant answer for ur problem if ur problem is different come back with details.



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When you say "disconnect sap logon" and re-connects once again, do you mean that you are being challenged again by the login page and that after successful login, you are then able to get to that page / iview.


Raj Balakrishnan