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ESS/MSS webpage is down,visual admin not up

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We have successfully upgraded the Java J9 version on AIX Development server TOYHRD01.

(which has SAP Java portal EP6.0 ESS/MSS instances:

EPD - for ESS/MSS development, and

EPQ - for ESS/MSS Test system.

AIX TOYHRD01 - AIX Java J9 upgraded

SAP JAVA EPD (ESS/MSS Development) and EPQ (ESS/MSS Test system) - SAP Portal Config tool upgraded

Problem occured On Production ESS/MSS portal EP6.0 AIX server TOYPRT01

AIX TOYPRT01 ESS/MSS - AIX Java J9 upgraded

SAP JAVA EPP (ESS/MSS Production system) - SAP Portal Config tool upgraded


We upgraded the SAP Portal J2EE config tool based on SAP note# 1024539

Problem encountered as below:

ESS/MSS production (SAP SID: EPP) web page not come up.

SAP Portal EPP (ESS/MSS production) Visual Administration not come up.

Logged on Config Tool was okay.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There could be a myriad of reasons why your ESS/MSS portal is not coming up. Just stating so is not going to get you a lot of good solutions.

You should copy/paste the relevant sections of the log files in your problem definition. Otherwise you will only get a lot of BS answers from POINT CHASERS, which usually are not very helpful or totally wrong.

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Thnks for your suggestion

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