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ESS/MSS webpage is down,visual admin not up

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We have successfully upgraded the Java J9 version on AIX Development server TOYHRD01.

(which has SAP Java portal EP6.0 ESS/MSS instances:

EPD - for ESS/MSS development, and

EPQ - for ESS/MSS Test system.

AIX TOYHRD01 - AIX Java J9 upgraded

SAP JAVA EPD (ESS/MSS Development) and EPQ (ESS/MSS Test system) - SAP Portal Config tool upgraded

Problem occured On Production ESS/MSS portal EP6.0 AIX server TOYPRT01

AIX TOYPRT01 ESS/MSS - AIX Java J9 upgraded

SAP JAVA EPP (ESS/MSS Production system) - SAP Portal Config tool upgraded


We upgraded the SAP Portal J2EE config tool based on SAP note# 1024539

Problem encountered as below:

ESS/MSS production (SAP SID: EPP) web page not come up.

SAP Portal EPP (ESS/MSS production) Visual Administration not come up.

Logged on Config Tool was okay.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Chinnu,

I encountered this problem several times. Every time a typo was the cause of this. Use the ConfigTool to review the settings and make sure the parameters are exactly as mentioned in Note 1024539.

The logfiles can show you which parameter is bothering you at the moment. There should be a message in them that a certain parameter isn't recognized or something of that kind.